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Tuesday, 28 May 2013


The manchild at university skyped early on Sunday for the family 'pancake' recipe. Whilst I was surprised by my early am call, I really needn't have worried. He'd had a heavy night and abundant bodies littered the uni flat. I think they call it socialising.

Whilst we make these so regularly that I do them in my sleep, I have to fess up that when cooking, I'm not great with measuring even pancakes And we're not talking French crepes or English pancakes, the manchild is perfect at those, he is even on his second crepe pan. No, we are talking fluffy beautiful squishy Scottish granny pancakes. If you don't have a Scottish grannie you might think if these as 'dropped scones', but don't worry, it's not your fault.

A quick and exciting measuring adventure later, we fathomed it. Phew. I'd hate to lose my 'mum knows how to cook everything' mantle.

Photos and recipes to follow. I promise. Had to eat a few before I was happy to share.


Until next time.

Happy stuffing pancakes in your chops.

And for a great blog with the same pancakes as I make......... pop along and call into Life in mud splattered boots at http://annewheaton.co.uk/2012/06/01/in-my-kitchen-june/

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