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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Comfort food

So I've been sick with a cold. My answer to any illness is to eat it into submission and that means comfort food. Cauliflower cheese. Costs pennies, tastes like heaven. This bad boy was also heavy on the mustard and horseradish lobbed into the sauce for a bit of a kick.
Until next time, don't get sick! Happy scoffing.


  1. Omigosh I turn my back for one second and you have a whole new blog, and about food, oh boy! Well you've been found out and I'll be back, because the posts here are wonderful and irreverent and fun and you cook stuff I've never even heard of but looks awesome-- (Getting really hungry now.)

    1. Oh well
      CONGRATULATIONS! You're the first ever to comment on this foody ramble and probably the only one to read it! As we're across the pond from each other I guess there will be random foods we've both neither seen..........looking forward to an adventure

      Welcome welcome welcome!



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