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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Hot buttered toast

There are few conventional 'branded' pit stops on the main road north (A9), and theres none that make me smile more than this one. We've been calling in here for the last 14 years enroute to Orkney.

With a menu of home cooked grub as far as the eye can see, something to please everyone! We always order the same. Hot buttered toast, 35p a round. Bargain. And, they use real butter.

Until next time, take your pit stops off the beaten track, far from branded fayre!

Happy scoffing.


  1. Toast and butter. Great now I have to bake some bread. (See what you did?) Sounds so good.

  2. Sorry I made you bake bread. Totally my fault.


    Thanks for popping by


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