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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

On just 'eating' and Dim Sum in Edinburgh

Whilst 'fine dining' is considered by many to be a hobby, something to put on a CV, what about just eating? Does it always have to be 'fine'? It has to be tasty thats for sure, if its not tasty I always feel robbed of a meal, but fine? No. Whilst I do partake in the old 'fine dining', in fact I did on Saturday, I'm generally more than happy just scoffing. It has to be nice food I'm scoffing, but I've no airs and graces about where I eat and what I'm eating, it just needs to be good. This wee lassie eats, there's no mistake there.
Here's my first example. Dim Sum. You say this to folks and often it gets a bit of a nose in the air. I wholeheartedly disagree that simple foods like these deserve such treatment. Simple honest, groany yummy dim sum. Have you ever tried making it? Its darn complicated, technque tastic and simply delicious. I'm in the early days of trying to perfect my own, until I do, I'm happy to eat out! We often go to a bigger place in Edinburgh but heard about this place and wanted to check it out. It didn't disappoint.
 With that in mind we tottered off to a recommended Dim Sum place in Edinburgh - check out that menu. Whlst the place is TINY, with maybe 5-6 tables maximum, however the service is amazing and helpful. All dim sum made here are done from scratch and it shows. Check out their menu......
Needless to say we had thirds. Head down Leith Walk, Edinburgh and fill your boots.
They don't appear to have a web page but do have a facebook page and there are excellent reviews on Tripadvisor.
Until next time happy scoffing. Embrace eating, whatever type it is!

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