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Thursday, 23 May 2013

When the haggis landed on the wrong page.

As it still feels like the depths of winter here in the frozen north, comfort food beckons. Now you can't get more comfort food than haggis and tatties (mashed
Potatoes).  Doesn't this look bonnie? This version of an old classic was beautifully presented with a whisky sauce. Given the presentation you can see it was cooked by someone else at the lovely Kirkwall Hotel. So its in the 'eating out' category of life. I'm not known for my culinary artwork. I'm more the eating before its ready type.
So if you fancy quenelles of tattie and haggis delightfully adorned with micro salad shoots,on a plate, try The Kirkwall Hotel. Their menu never fails to deliver, even when serving up this classic.
And for main, monkfish, roast pepper sweet and sour glaze with a chorizo, spinach and tattie mash. Now, I'd like to tell you this was amazing, but I could only drool at my partner in crimes plate. Too quickly devoured to get a photo of this modern take on humble monkfish, it was THAT good.
Compliments to the chef!

Until next time, whether its old comforts or modern twists, happy scoffing.
And be careful with smart phones, they only make you look daft!

Kirkwall Hotel Ltd, Registered Office: Harbour Street, Kirkwall, Orkney KW15 1LE.Registered in Scotland Co no 452534. Telephone: +44 1856 872 232      Fax: +44 1856 872 812      Email: enquiries@kirkwallhotel.com

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