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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Roasted tomato, lemon and red pepper fish soup

More of a stew than a soup started with a base of chorizo and green onions and the stock from a kilo of mussels quickly steamed. Delicious.
Add to this bubbling delight some gorgeous roasted-lemon and infused veggies, then lob the fish of your choice chunked coursely. I made this for a chum once, inspired by frozen lemons. Frozen lemons roast beautifully and break down into a sauce magnificently. If you find fish thats in season its generally a relatively cheap dish (tusk and mussels in here). Whenever I see reduced lemons, they get quartered and frozen quick style waiting for the catch of the day to land. Yum.

Until next time, freeze some lemons! Happy scoffing.

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