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Sunday, 19 May 2013

'Anything you want for breakfast Sundays'

In our house Sundays are traditionally ANYTHING you want for breakfast (as long as you get it yourself). It's a long silly tradition started when my children were under school age to make Sundays special. And, to just terrorise their father, I'm cruel like that.

Today in true traditional style, I'm having gnocchi and asparagus with butter for breakfast. sadly I'm out if eggs. A poached egg would have just turned this from awesome to sublime. Love both, working all day, so I knocked up some of this for lunch and it looked so good I had some for breakfast too.
Love anything you want Sundays. As the cellist has exams I've made her some cinnamon and apple Danishes. Made with reduced pastry, a really wrinkly looking apple and a dollop of cinnamon, these cost less than 35p for eight of them. Great way to use up old fruit......
Well I had to test one......don't want her poisoned!

Until next time, happy scoffing!

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