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Monday, 27 May 2013

Perfect pavlova

I don't like cake. There you go I said it out loud and proud. However, I do love pavlova, which is most definitely NOT cake. Yum. Cream fruit and chewy gooey meringue, bliss.
Whilst this delight was sampled when 'oot and aboot' I do make a rather fine one myself courtesy of Mary Berry's fine recipe book. We've made it so much the book falls open at the pavlova page (pg 38, Mary Berry 'Desserts and Confections'.) Very efficient.

Or if you have an Aunty Claire who's a real chef, phone her in your normal panic to check the method [again], she doesn't mind.

The basic recipe is 1 part egg white to 2 parts (oz) caster sugar. So for a decent pavlova I tend to go for 6 egg whites, 12 oz Caster sugar. White egg whites into submission, gently add sugar tablespoon at a time says Mary. I'm lazy I lob it all in at once, seems to work. [Magic ingredient alert.....always add 1-2 tspn vinegar to same of cornflour and mix through, plonk into whipped egg whites and sugar. Makes for a crumbly and yet chewy meringue.*] bake at 150c for an hour or pale cream in colour.  I usually let it cool in the oven with the door slightly open, as I'm slightly crazy like that.

Slaither with about a pint of whipped cream and decorate with fruit of choice.

Do not share, seriously, that's not optional, if they want a meringue let the rest of them make one themselves. Its not hard. Or if you have to share eat the edges yourself.

Until next time, happy scoffing.

*Ps any vinegar will do (white or malt or wine or cider) but don't use it from either pickled onions (ergh somehow it keeps that oniony taste, don't be lazy go and get some fresh vinegar) and NEVER use vinegars from pickled beetroot. Pink meringues that taste of beetroot, are not cool.

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