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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Sausages, homemade in seconds.

Possibly the easiest sausages in the world. Buy minced meat, add herbs of your own choice and allow to 'steep' (which is a Scottish word for marinate or infuse). We love sage especially with pork so its a good job we grow lots.
We often do these with pork and chopped sage, but any meat and any herb that you love will work.
The 'steeping process' - it aint pretty. Once 'steeped' brace yourself and form golf-ball sized delightful little lumps. This process is sticky and messy, unless you use an ice-cream scoop. Flatten and 'dry' fry in a pan a couple minutes on each side.
Absolutely delish, no fillers, no crap just sausage with herbs. Nice on a bun (muffin) with a poached/fried egg and a slaither of cheese. You know someone should really look into that. Be an awesome breakfast sandwich I think I'll call it the McMuffin, a Sausage and Egg delight.  Genius. Oh dear I might have had this idea before.
Link here - http://orkneyflowers.blogspot.co.uk/2010/11/great-mcmuffin-swindle.html

Also good with chicken/turkey and cajun or smoked paprika spices, beef and italian spices, fish minced with bacon is good, and 'sage and onion stuffing' also make a nice veggie version or cold rice and beans mashed together with some paprika. The list is endless. No cases, no faffing just lovely homemade sausages in seconds.

Until next time, how many types of 'well know fast food' can you save a fortune by ripping off (erm I mean being inspired by) and cooking at home? -  Happy Scoffing.

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