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Monday, 14 July 2014

Did you miss me, (yeah) when I was away.......

Apologies for the lack of food updates. Its not like we've not been eating, we've just moved house to rural Fife. Sad goodbye to Orkney and a big hello to Fife! We're in the lands of the Kingdom of Fife where the larders are full from farm, seas and shoreline. And a fair few food festivals about too. So lets face it, we'll not starve chaps. And yup in good old Nigella style I asked for the lobster carcass home to make stock later with. I don't mind indulging in a wee sea side treat and some grand nosh but I'm certainly not missing out on some stock because of geography. So home it came and into the freezer it was lobbed.
Well if its good enough for Ms Lawson, is good enough for us!  It was retreaved to make a decent stock for a risotto for visitors last week. Much nicer than a stock cube when you can. So what else has been happening, um, I've started a mini-veg patch for this year and its yielding some grub. 
We've also invested in some rescue hens and are beginning to be rewarded by home produced eggs. 
I do love a good boily egg.
The current cheese mountain of the East Neuk of Fife also increased as the visitors arrived too-ing and fro-ing over the summer since we've been here.
So I've missed you too and lets make sure we keep updating where we're at.

Until next time, hope you find lots of good grub to eat in new or old places. I'm off to find a map of the area and start munching my way round the Kingdom!

Happy Scoffing.

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