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Monday, 12 May 2014

The Creel, Orkney - just perfect.

St Margaret's Hope, Orkney - the view from The Creel kindly lent by Mr Wiks.
So in keeping with birthday traditions, we headed doon the isles of Orkney to St Margaret's Hope to our favourite Orkney restaurant, The Creel. I've blathered on about this exceptional place before, so to find out about it please pop over here.

As always, they don't disappoint, its truly one of the best places to eat in Scotland.

Baskets of warm flour and bere bannocks, arrived as if by magic (and magically refilled).

Crab salad with pickled cucumber and an avocado salad (beautiful).

Tusk and scallops (oh my).

Lemon tart looked gorgeous we were so full at this point we didn't indulge, but happily chatted and laughed quite comfortably until we wanted to leave, no rush, just a lovely quiet comfy sit.

Very happy folks, very happy tummies. 

Huge thanks to Alan, Joyce and their lovely team.

If someone asks you where to eat in Orkney, for a special meal, the answer is only going to be -

(And, this tummy's eaten a lot of lovely grub, at home and away)


  1. All sounds so magical but have never heard of tusk, have visions of a large walrus!

    1. Tusk is a gorgeous white fish! Yummy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cusk_(fish) sometimes called Cusk.


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