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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Room with a View

As luck would have it, one of my favourite restaurants posted on social media they had a few cancellations for this evenings dinner. So, we did. And, whilst this was the second visit here, it was as truly enthralling and fabulous as our first. I'll let the photos do the talking. An utterly sumptuous meal, beautifully executed and presented with flair. Fabulous evening.
A medley of seafood, wrapped in sushi nori with a chilli and oil drizzle. 
A wee Amuse-bouche joined the warm home made bread plate. Oh my.

Seared scallops, smoked Rannock duck breast and a beetroot and balsalto puree.
Starters didn't disappoint. I struggle to see past a pan seared scallop from round these parts. Combine it with duck and beetroot too. Wholly, utterly amazing.
Seared scallops, smoked Rannock duck breast and a beetroot & balsalto puree and micro greens
A cheeky wee palate cleanser arrived, too quickly scoffed to get the full picture, but you get the idea. It was very delicious.
Orange and Prosecco Jelly - Palate cleanser
So one of us went for the seared Tuna, one went for the Monkfish. The hardest decisions in this seafood restaurant, is choosing which fish to go for, they're all utterly amazing.
Seared Tuna steak, with Puddledub Aberdeen Angus mini fillet steak. With a rich tomato and garlic sauce. Wedges, mash, baby carrots and broccoli.
In fact so difficult was it, we agreed to share plates half way through. Which wasn't a bad plan either. Although I can confess to eating the mash potato from both plates. Whilst a fish lover, I struggle to see past good vegetables, and these were amazing.
Monkfish tail, with a garlic prawn stuffing, on a red Thai curry sauce.
Sushi nori kept the fish beautifully moist, I'll certainly try this one at home!
Monkfish tail, with a garlic prawn stuffing, on a red Thai curry sauce. Wedges, mash, baby carrots and broccoli.
And whilst we are not 'pudding people' we have had a pudding sharing plate here before and were blown away by their famous baked chocolate torte. A rich combination of aubergine, honey and almonds makes for a tormentingly moist extravaganza. So we had one each.
Rich baked chocolate torte, Chantilly cream, beetroot & chocolate coulis, chocolate swirly stick.
Room with a View famous gluten free baked chocolate torte. Made with honey, aubergine and almonds. Truly amazing.
Whilst boasting an ample wine list. This place also boasts a good selection of alcohol free wines and beers. Given its location, that's really fabulous thinking.
Our second visit to Room With A View, you can visit their website here.   Our second trip was every bit as magical as the first. It's a truly hidden gem, in a stunning location with views across to Edinburgh over the Firth of Forth. Some great views from their own gallery here.

Our dinner was under £90, with two drinks each, all three chosen courses and chef's extra wee fancies too. So its great value too.

For quality, and sheer fabulousness I'd say its up there with any Michelin starred restaurant in the area. We've done 3 out of the 4 on our doorstep, all utterly amazing, but so is this, and very good value. I'd say its holds it head up proudly with them all and, as it looks over the Forth to the The Kitchin  too, its a real contender.

You can see a sample menu here. And, if like us you spotted a last minute cancellation on facebook you can follow them here.

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