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Monday, 17 February 2014

Two week famine? I think not.

You'd think as I've been quieter than a mouse locked in a larder full of cheese, but truth be told, I've not been eating.

It's shocking, unlikely you'd think, but sadly true. I've had the flu - and my appetite disappeared, I don't recommend it. Thankfully the flu has gone and the appetite, thankfully, its found its way home again. I was a it worried! And what might you ask is this loaf of bread doing plonked in front of your eyeballs? When sick I revert to my favourite nosh, toast with butter. Not marg, I know its cheaper, I like butter, we use it most days, in moderation, its just gorgeous. And, being a self confessed heathen, whilst I LOVE bread, my favourite is a local white sliced loaf made here in Orkney. At £1.60 a loaf, its a peedie bit of an ouchy when you buy it. However, needs must when a girls crook and she only wants half a slice of toast.

Until next time, the old favourites should be embraced now and again. Happy Scoffing

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