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Friday, 21 February 2014

Neeps for sale

As I ambled by the Stromness Chippy the other morning I saw this delightful sign. And, priced at a bargain for such giant neeps. If only it hadn't been 9am and chips still snoozing until lunch time. Its a fine chip shop too and serves mushy peas, in case you were in the mood. But, back to the Neeps, they are Swedish Turnips to you and I, just in case you wondered. And they are fine fodder for making a hearty meal out of including my favourite of clapshot - yum, which is claimed to have been invented here, not sure about that but I'll say for now, its a hearty Scottish dish from many a region!
I did rather like the ingenuity of their sign, quite accurate too as these were enormous. A bit more exciting that the sign in another shop in town. But, given the time of year, I guess some folks aren't maybe as excited about neeps, they are a plenty at the moment. This basket full was also full to bursting at the local tool/ironmongery shop. My word the difference in price between the peeider (smaller) toon of Stromness  (60p a neep) and the city of Kirkwall (80p a neep) some 15 miles east.  I also saw neeps at the charity shop for a similar kinda price - still a bargain at under a quid in my mind! Think of those poor neep farmers having to pull each enormous beast out of the soggy ground.
Its taken me a good 13 years to fathom that Orkney grub is a plentiful and luscious, however finding out where to buy it from is often delightful and unexpected.  There are also neeps in the local garage for sale, where else eh?

Until next time - get a bit of local grub under your belt - wherever you happen to discover it, I'm sure it will be a bargain - Happy Scoffing!

I'm off out neep spotting :) if you see any more local ones which are bargainous do let me know - I love a bit of neep research :)


  1. Living down here in the food-uncivilised South most people seem to be a stranger to the wonders of the neep. I did get a bargain little one the other week though - part of one of those bags of "stew veggies" for £1 - and it had onion, carrot and parsnips to keep it company, too!

  2. They are known as Swedes down here and, if you have American readers, they know them as Rutabagas.

    M'mm! Mashed, with or without potatoes or carrots. Roasted with other veg. In stews. So good!


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