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Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Peedie Chippie, Orkney

Image by Elliot Erwitt (link)
So, its National Chip Week - as a huge fan of potatoes, I'm happy about that. So in the spirit of this national event I took myself off yesterday night for a poke of chips, you know, just to join in. 

Nae far fae me hoose, about a 1/2 a minute walk in fact, The Peedie Chippie turns up every Friday from 4pm-8pm its peedie van loaded with goodies. It's just fabulous. Perfect, fish, awesome chips and a view out to Finstown Bay with its seals, wee boats and bonnie skies that just accentuates the experience ever more. If you're ever thinking of what to eat on Friday night in Okney, why not pop to Finstown and give it a shot. Its around the island on other days I'll scurry off and find out where and when and publish below. I see Sian's told us its in Stromness on a Saturday night.....

. And, no we don't all go out for chips in our kilts - this is a photo from the Telegraph depicting the local pipe band in all their splendour out grabbing a poke of chips after their practise in the community car park. Yes, you'll often see them there - oddly that doesn't seem strange at all, they need to practice don't they. I'd not like them to do it in my front room, no offence, but bag pipes and drums are LOUD and all that marching is bound to create some dust bunnies isn't it.

What's your local favourite chippy - why not nominate it here and what do you have on yours - I'm a salt only gal. Until next time - look out for your local chippy! Happy Scoffing.


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