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Monday, 28 April 2014

Smoked salt

This to me seems like a darn fine idea. I've had smoked salt butter and its yummy, so adding a bit of smokey goodness to other things sounds like a plan.
(other salt brand are, of course, available)
A bit of smokiness added to my grub - don't mind if I do.
Giving something a bit more unusual a go? If so what would you recommend to join the stores?
Until next time - Happy Scoffing.


  1. It won't surprise you in the least to know we have a packet of this in our kitchen! A very local product for us - we use their ordinary salt a fair bit too. Less local (to us, although slightly more so to you) and well worth looking out for is the Hebridean Sea Salt Company stuff.

  2. Hi there I think you mentioned them before - I will check them out! Thank you. I texted the manchild with the smoked salt picture - his reply - GENIUS. He's a keeper.


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