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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Roast chook and skirlie

We ventured out for a final lunch of the holidays today. On the menu succulent roast chook (chicken) with all the trimmings and skirlie - a gorgeous type of oatmeal stuffing which goes great with this and mince and tatties.

Pin head oatmeal, onions and some butter (or dripping) in roughly equal parts. Cooking is easy- fry off in a pan and with serve dry or add a wee bit water to make it moist. Your call, I prefer dry but Either is good. It's like a savoury porridge when wet, more texture when dry.

An old Scottish favourite - give it a go! You'll see it in the supermarkets in the chiller aisle if you're unsure....

Until next time, think about some of your old favourites - happy scoffing!


  1. I'm so happy to see a picture of Skirlie - must have another go at making it myself - I got it a bit too wet last time.

  2. I treat it like rissoto - if that's any help.........


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