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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Flat breads, oatcakes, bannocks and a pav!

It's been a grand start to 2014 with lots of new home cooked treats and staples.....
Home made flat breads, amazing what flour and water can achieve - these were delicious!
My very own oatcakes made into squares, rounds, triangles and cups! 
Bere bannocks (a type of local flat scone/bread baked on the stove)
And a pavlova over Skype - technology goes to the next Level as the young man at uni shows off his first try!!

Until Next Time - try something new? Happy scoffing!


  1. Is that the young gentleman who's been making pavs? Good on him - he needs more raspberries though!

    1. A poor student mind - it was the 'dummy' pavlova in time for next week's proper go - I'll advise more rasps!

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