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Monday, 7 October 2013

Pizza rice

Pizza Rice.
Often enough in 'wir' hoose, we have a quick cheap and cheerful risotto for tea. More often than not this is 'Pizza Rice' - all the joys of a pizza, in a rice. Tomatoes, veggies, cheese and tonight just a slice of lovely smoked bacon dropped in too for a bit of decadence.
Whilst we can use risotto rice, when making 'proper' risotto, which is lovely, if a bit costly. However like tonight, more often than not its just a cup of normal rice cooked in stock/tomatoes/fridge foraged veggies and cheese added. Super quick too.
Ready from scratch in less than 15 minutes, costs less than £1, probably a lot less. We buy value basmati rice and a bag lasts for ages. Everything gets lobbed in the pan at once - stirred and watched, cheese goes in right at the end. It's a really easy dish for kids to make too.
So that's Pizza rice - all the joy of pizza, in a hot steamy tomato-ey, cheesy rice.
Its a family tradition stemming from old university days when one bag of rice went a long, long way. The kids love it. Tasty too.
OK so we COULD call it roasted Mediterranean vegetables in a homegrown tomato infused rice with Orkney smoked bacon, scallions and cheese but who are we kidding - it's pizza rice!
Next time, think outside the (pizza) box - happy scoffing!


  1. Ha ha - LOVE the idea of pizza rice!

    1. It shouldn't work, but its so so good. As the student days declined its less like rice made with a bit of tomato puree and an onion and a bit of dodgy looking cheese into something quite tasty. Although the first version was well eaten for many years :)

      All the joys of a pizza in a lovely lovely rice.


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