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Monday, 2 September 2013

Yorkies - traditional, cheap and cheerful.

*I'm moving all my food recipes from my normal blog to this one - so some of these are 'something I did earlier' - excuse the duplication! Yorkies or Yorkshire puddings are a main stay in this household. Great way to make a bit of meat go further - or to have a 'meatless' roast dinner - just make these and a pile of veggies, you'll not miss the meat. They can be a much maligned misunderstood fodder. Some folks say they can't make them. I say they can. This recipe is fool proof. I am a fool and even I can do it. Therefore 'fool proof'. Simples. Onwards to the recipe.

Dear Manchild,
As requested here's the new start of the recipes you often ask for.
As you've claimed this recipe as your own for years, I don't know why I'm even writing this down for you, you already know it off by heart. Cheap as chips, yorkies are a great fill up food which costs pennies.

If you're eating these straight away, put your oven on at the highest setting. If you're making them earlier in the day to let the mix rest (always good) then prep the mix and put the oven on to heat about 30 minutes before you want to serve these. Put oil in your tray and put this in the oven, it needs to get really, really, really hot. Or the mix won't work, simplest fact about Yorkshires is if the ovens not hot enough it won't work and look like a flopped pancake.


1 cup of plain flour
1 cup of milk/water or beer
2 eggs
2 tbsp oil or dripping (funny white greasy stuff you'll find in the butchers or in the chill cabinet)

A jug or bowl for mixing
A bun tray or a large oven tray
Oven gloves

Time - 20 minutes cooking, 10 minutes preparation
Temperature - highest on oven 220 degrees C
Measure out ingredients into a bowl or a jug - measure flour before wet ingredients as its less messy to clean afterwards. Sour milk works as well as fresh, water does at a push, using beer is fab - but on the other hand, as a student you might want to drink the beer. Its traditional.

Thoroughly mix the ingredients. Lumpy yorkshire pudding is not your friend, its quite manly (or womanly) to use a kitchen gadget to help you to do this like a hand blender, an electric whisk or a food processor. Or, if you want to get this whipped by hand, think of something or someone annoying and go for it. The batter should be thin and free from lumps. If you're making this in advance, pop it in the fridge until its needed. If you're using it straight away make sure the bun trays/oven dish is hot, the oil wants to be smoking quite scarily.  Pour into the dishes carefully and put straight into the oven. It should take about 20 minutes and is ready when these are puffed up and golden brown.

And we all know you can drop sausages, turkey, chicken, beef or vegetables  into the mix to make many a tea.
Serve with mash, gravy and some vegetables, or just dunk in gravy!

One day I'll see if I can take a decent photo of my own, but don't hold your breath.


Happy Scoffing.


  1. Tip for mixing - mix the flour and eggs first - whisk together until lump free- then add the Milk/water/Beer a little at a time. works a treat!

    Glad it's not just me who's a fan of dripping - getting increasing tough to find these days though!

    1. Good one Robyn - I often just use a stick blender but then again that uses electricity and not elbow grease.

      Also increasing hard to find thesedays!



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