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Monday, 2 September 2013

Frugal Food - Meatballs

Now when is a beef burger, not a beef burger. When its a meatball. I often see reduced burgers in the chill cabinet - its not really my kind of food. But with a bit of TLC two beefburgers (usually with a high meat content) can be turned into a hearty meal. Simply cut up the burgers like cake segments, roll and brown in a pan. Add some stock and lots of home grown veggies to bulk it up, and thicken the stock.
Served with mash or rice or flat breads - the one time burgers make a meaty feast.
These burgers were lurking in the freezer - a reduced bargain lobbed in the depths of the kitchen ice caverns for later.
As its a use it up month in my house - during our £50 September grocery challenge - the stores and the ice caverns will be raided lots. You can hear more about that HERE on my 'tother long suffering blog.
The burgers were 74% Scots beef - its not quite been BBQ weather up here. Whilst the weathers been grim and outdoor eating not really an option, I've gained a delicious cosy supper.
Burgers 120p, veggies and tatties free.
Transformed into meatballs, tea for four folks. Whilst I know 30p each isn't as frugal as some folks can manage - I'm chuffed I took decent quality nosh and turned it into something we'd all eat.
This months got off to a great start.
My £50 quid is intact and I've made tomorrows tea :)
Until next time - Happy Frugal Scoffing.

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