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Monday, 10 March 2014

'Nanas on toast

There are few things in life which surpass 'nana's on toast. Hot buttery salt toast combined with the sweet smooth 'nana - reminds me of my grannie as it was one of her favourites. She preferred to mush them 'nanas - whilst I like to slice and equally festoon my toast with precision. We'd sit and have this brekie, lunch or supper nattering or playing cards after (she was a serious card shark!). Its nice to think of those times. So when I delve into a 'nana - I do think of my own Grannie.
And, yes of course I own a piggy plate. You were're really in doubt were you? Quite a wholesome comforting meal in which butter is really best - but then again what's butter not better in? Frugal too a banana might even stretch to two folks......
Here's to comfort eating, reminding you of days on the sofa with your Grannie? What's your favourite nostalgic nosh?
Unitil next time - Happy Scoffing.

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